Prototype at The Uncorrected Independent Publishers’ Fair, with reading from Astrid Alben. 11 June, 11am – 6pm

We are very excited to be one of seven publishers taking place at The Uncorrected Independent Publishers’ Fair at Camberwell Arts Festival in June!

Organised by Tangerine Press, the Uncorrected Independent Publishers’ Fair brings together seven of the UK’s best indie publishers: Flipped Eye Publishing, Les Fugitives, Prototype, Repeater Books, Rough Trade Books, Strange Attractor Press, Tangerine Press + L-13 Light Industrial Workshop “dishonesty box”.

We will be there selling books, and there will be readings from 12pm from Erica Van Horn (Les Fugitives), Arianna Reiche (Tangerine Press), and our own Astrid Alben (Prototype).

The event is free, but full details can be found here: