The first instalment of Prototype’s annual anthology: a space for new work, open to all and free from formal guidelines or restrictions. Poetry, prose, visual work and experiments in between.

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With Astrid Alben, Rachael Allen, Theis Anderson, Rowland Bagnall, Tara Bergin, Emily Berry, Crispin Best, Paul Buck, Jen Calleja, Thomas A Clark & Laurie Clark, Esmé Creed-Miles, Emily Critchley, Jake Elliott, Laura Elliott, SJ Fowler, Wayne Holloway-Smith, Amy Key, Michael Kindellan, Caleb Klaces, Gareth Damian Martin, Robert Herbert McClean, Kirstie Millar, Catrin Morgan, Richard Price, Leonie Rushforth, Rachel Snowdon, Rebecca Tamás, Ollie Tong, Kandace Siobhan Walker, Ahren Warner, Stephen Watts, Ralf Webb, Eley Williams, Alison Honey Woods and Madeleine Wurzburger.